Uttar Pradesh Election 2017: High-voltage crusade for first Phase closes on 9 February

Lucknow: The crusading for the principal period of the high-stake Uttar Pradesh Assembly election will arrive at an end on in 73 supporters spread more than 15 regions including riot-scarred Muzaffarnagar and Shamli. Surveying in these voting demographics will be hung on 11 February. BJP had won only 11 of the 73 situates in 2012, […]

Punjab Election 2017 as it happened: Polling finishes up in the midst of minor conflicts, EVM disappointments

Punjab Election: Around 1.98 crore voters in Punjab will settle on their last decisions on Saturday, far from the clamor of talks, encourages and over-conferred party specialists as the state goes to survey in what has transformed into a three-cornered challenge. Of the aggregate electorate of 1,98,79,069 in the state, 93,75,546 are ladies and 415 […]

Goa Election 2017: The main swell of excitement in the elections favors AAP

There is an undercurrent of support for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Goa — yet a mellow one. Similarly as with any undercurrent, it’s difficult to make out from the surface how solid it is yet, to all appearances, it is not about as solid as the rush of bolster that cleared the new […]

Punjab Election 2017 : Sending agriculturists abroad, Guardians of Governance and other survey promises

Aside from the energizes, claims and counter-assertions, elections are about promises. What’s more, a portion of the promises made amid elections can sound a bit excessively yearning, if not out and out crazy. What’s more, in a state like Punjab, where government officials are either attempting to use or protect themselves from against incumbency, some […]

BJP Manifesto for Uttar Pradesh (UP) Election 2017

BJP Manifesto “Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra” BJP president Amit Shah on Saturday 28th Jan 2017 released BJP manifesto for the U.P (Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections 2017 promising sops for students, women and farmers.     The manifesto named “Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra” (Pledge for People’s Welfare) promises free education, laptops and LPG connection in every […]

UP Election 2017: Behind SP-Congress collusion lies the open quest for a polarizing plan

The Samajwadi Party-Congress union, sewed at last in the midst of well known dramatizations, serves to characterize the belief system of coalition governmental issues. It is basic. There is no belief system. Only an agreement of comfort with power as the guarantor. While that in itself might be minimal more than ideological insolvency, the expressed […]

UP Election 2017: Will “imported” hopefuls help or hurt BJP?

“Choubey gaye Chhabbey banane, Dubey financier lautey”. The individuals who know informal Hindi will comprehend the subtlety of this astute, age-familiar aphorism in a split second. What’s more, the individuals who don’t, here is a nearby English parallel that clarifies The party, which had been making a decent attempt to rope into its crease non-Yadav […]

Elections 2017 will be tests for BJP’s ‘top down’ battle methodology, Modi’s quality

Five states, including the most crowded Uttar Pradesh (UP), are slated to go for polls in February and March 2017. BJP is proceeding with its approach of not declaring CM hopefuls. The truth of the matter is that given the umbrella coalition of stations (Forwards, OBCs and some Dalit fragments) and the constrained rundown of […]

Goa Election 2017: BJP prepares to unleash quick assault at the stalls

Pushed into an extreme multi-cornered challenge, Goa’s decision BJP is prepared to unleash now is the right time tried high-power crusading in front of the assembly polls on 4 February. Best state and national level pioneers of the gathering, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah are to crusade to spare […]

UP Election 2017: Mayawati will be the greatest recipient of an Akhilesh-Mulayam split

Mulayam Singh Yadav’s announcement on Monday, that he will battle against Akhilesh on the off chance that he “doesn’t hear him out” is a diversion changing turn in the fascinating Samajwadi Party dramatization. On the off chance that such an inevitability arises, it could be a devastating hit to SP and even BJP’s odds in […]